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Links to all sorts of stuff, and a crappy pun thrown in for effect. What more could a guy ask for? Except for money or alcohol.

Schlock Mercenary

A great webcomic about a band of mercenaries set in the deep future. The oft sideways mix of humor and hard science make this a real gem. This is such a great concept it would've taken Marv Albert to screw this one up.

Least I Could Do

A really funny web comic about a guy who gets nailed approximatley every 34 seconds. That sounds kind of gross, but trust me, it's funny.

Penny Arcade

A web comic that's ostensibly about video games, but really just about being crazy.


Even if you don't read this comic I suggest you visit it once to see the very nice webpage design. Also the rants have been know to be priceless.

8-Bit Theater

I know that sprite comics get a lot of bad publicity, and are even considered evil by many people, but 8-bit theater is crazy funny. Drop all your high-minded prattle about artwork, because this is worth losing a finger to read.

Circle Takes the Square

This isn't a comic so much as it's a band. It's a neat band too, describing thier music is difficult but it's worth listening to, or barring that worth reading the lyrics.

Vampires and Cannibals

Though it does not deserve to be linked to upon the same page as these greats I feal the need to link to myself, mostly because you can get back to the main page from here. Nifty huh?