That up there is a black hole, because that's where the character's careers go when they appear in Vampires and Cannibals

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The bald vampire has been deposed and his reign of terror is over. Really it's probably best this way as he has time to pursue his favorite activity, being a raging drunk. It's our good friend the cannibal with all the piercings. He is the sole human who knows the secrets of time travel, and wormholes if he were sharper than a marble he would be rich.

No longer the Vice President this striped bastard got shot by some French dudes. Who knows what he'll do now? If you know tell us, because we're concerned. The one they erroneously call Wayne looks really conflicted in a suit. He was the Secretary of the Interior and no one knew what his job was. Since he no longer has the job we'll never know.

This shady character (whose face we never saw) was either a mafia boss or the head of a laminating machine company. He sent a pair of sack clad ninjas to kill the vampires and cannibals. He died when the alien hunter blew him to little pieces. This poor woman got mixed up with the wrong people. Namely that shady character who is just above. She pulled a phone on the vampires and cannibals crew and scared them into the cretaceous period. She was also violently iced by the alien hunter.

This is the alien hunter that the vampires and cannibals met in the cretaceous period. He can take a shotgun blast to the face and blow up dinosaur heads with a single round. He was chomped by a gigantic theropod brought back from the past. This sucker got mixed up with the vampires and cannibals crew when the spikey haired cannibal fell on his car. The guys tormented him for nearly 100 strips and got him to build a robotic arm for the cannibal with the piercings. His current status is unknown...

Meet Keeyan, he has a gigantic space ship (spacey ship) and visited earth about a thousand years ago to equip vampire hunters with strange weapons. He claims to be the head of an intergalactic empire, but was last seen spiraling down a black hole. This poor crazy sucker got mixed up with the Vampires and Cannibals crew. He got his head blown off by some French dudes as they cleared away the bald vampires regime.

This is possibly the only person who's gotten anything good out of the Vampires and Cannibals crew. His bar had made gobs of money on the resurgent alchoholism of the bald vampire. It turns out he doesn't much like France. A man named Malcolm. Not much more is known about this hat wearing fellow. He made the fatal mistake of getting involved with the revolution, became the Secretary of State, and got killed by the French. Go figure.

Another man named Malcolm. He used to be in the secret service and joined the revolution to become the Secretary of the Treasury. Like many members of the revolution he got iced by French people. Mike the dog. He's apparently a surgeon and played for Argentina in the World Cup. He was the only member of the bald vampire's regime that left before the French killed all those people off.

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