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Hello there, I suppose you're wondering what "The Bar" is. As it turns out there is no good answer to that question sometimes there will be bonus Vampires and Cannibals material here for you to spit on. Other times there will be completely unrelated crap. Right now we've only got a couple things up, but don't worry, soon this page will be overloaded with useless junk.

The All Seeing Eye is now taking appointments for it's downtown offices. All interested parties should send inquiries to lowpricesychophant@lycos.com. The All Seeing Eye does indeed see all, but will only tell all for money. The cost is $ 499.95 plus daily expenses if stalking celebrities is in the deal.

As a free gift you may ask the All Seeing Eye one question and click on it for the answer.

Now Presenting Sock Puppet Theater

Vampires and Cannibals, poisoning society for a new pair of shoes.

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