These are the fabled archives of vampires and cannibals.

In the beginning... 1st Comic-November 5, 2001

Some sort of criminal activity? 22nd Comic-December 17, 2001

Here lies the great hiatus 28th Comic-December 29, 2001

Everyone's everywhere! 68th Comic-June 26, 2002

Up, Up, and away... Eventually. 148th Comic-September 13,2002

So this is space, needs drapes. 218th Comic-November 22, 2002

Let's nuke France!. 300th Comic-February 12, 2003

We're not barflies! We're more like roaches. 331st Comic-March 15, 2003

Politics was just a natural step. 388th Comic-May 11, 2003

I don't have to think, I'm president. 560th Comic-October 30, 2003

The dream is over 646th Comic-January 24, 2004

The beginning of the vast gap. 657th Comic-February 27, 2004

Today's Comic Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Vampires & Cannibals is back after a more than year long restructuring, soon we will be back to regular daily updates or our "artists" will die, one of the two.